“Saving time and the environment with shorter supply chains”

Flowers are grown all over the world. They also travel all over the world to reach their destinations. Many of these voyages can be avoided with smarter logistics, saving not only time and the environment but also by shortening the supply chain more efficiently. The Octoflor team does exactly this.

A Wide Assortment of Fairtrade Certified African Flowers
Octoflor sources a wide range of flowers with the best growers in East Africa to fit a vast range of customers, each one with its own needs and challenges. The company has had a foot on the ground for many years in Kenya and knows where to get the cream of the crop. Long-term relationships with its growers, big and small, have helped establish a year-round constant and reliable availability of the finest flowers.

Roses? Naturally. Are you ready to pick from over 200 of the most beautiful and popular varieties? Spray roses? Of course. And how about the prettiest carnations, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, gypsophilas, eryngiums, and hypericums? Take your pick. Don’t forget to score some of the specialties, like matthiolas, anigozanthos, ornithogalums, scabiosas, and craspedias. And did we mention the foliage already, like top-notch ruscus, leather leaf, and several varieties of eucalyptus? Yes. It’s all there. Everything that a cash & carry, wholesaler, or event designer needs is directly available.

Many of its suppliers have certifications from KFC (Kenya Flower Council) and MPS and offer Fair Trade-certified flowers.

People to People
It’s a digital world these days, yet the power of people to people is something Octoflor holds in high regard. Trust is the foundation of any long-term relationship. Not only with the growers but also with the customers. Having secured and shortened the supply chain, Octoflor has shown for years that it rightfully earned the trust of its worldwide clientele.

Time Is on (Y)Our Side
At Octoflor, they can say it without restraint: “Time is on our side, and on yours too,” because it is. All flowers come straight from the growers and are put on a plane without any delay to anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Direct connections worldwide can lead to a time saving of 4 to 5 days. Imagine how that will influence the freshness of the products, the shelf life, and, eventually, the vase life with a grateful consumer! And who are you? Octoflor would surely like to meet you. Connect with one of Octoflor’s main offices in Kenya or the Netherlands. Whether you are a flower importer, exporter, event planner, or if you own a cash & carry. Reach out to Octoflor, and learn the fastest route of the flowers to your doorstep.

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Who is Octoflor?
“Octoflor is a company that sources a wide range of flowers from the best growers in Kenya. These flowers are supplied to wholesalers, cash & carries, and event designers around the world.

Octoflor’s vision and strategy is to connect people and organizations in the global horticultural sector, to digitalize the industry and think of new innovative ideas of making the produce available to those who appreciate it.

The name is derived from the sea animal. An Octopus is super flexible and can change shape, form, and color constantly, ever adapting to the changing surroundings. It is curious, inquisitive, intelligent, and creative. With multiple hearts and brains and eight tentacles that can stretch out and multi-task independently. Just like the people at Octoflor.”

Where is Octoflor located?
“Octoflor has two main offices: in Kenya and the Netherlands. The Kenya office is located in Nairobi, at the Airflo Complex at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The Dutch office is located in De Kwakel, close to Aalsmeer, an international flower trade hub in itself.”

What are the pillars of Octoflor?
“1. Committed to sourcing the best cut flowers in East Africa. 2. Exceptional service through personal contact and being accountable for its client’s wishes. 3. Pioneering new possibilities, new markets, and digitalization of the industry.”

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