SecondFlor Europe unveils new Hydrangea colors

SecondFlor Europe, a company in the preserved flower industry, announces the launch of three new hydrangea colors: Blue Lagoon, Light Plum, and Cappuccino. The company’s team states: “These new additions are set to inspire floral designers and enthusiasts across Europe, offering fresh possibilities for creative floral arrangements and decor.”

Introducing the new colors
“Blue Lagoon – A vibrant, deep blue reminiscent of the serene ocean waters, this color adds a bold and dramatic touch to any arrangement, perfect for creating eye-catching displays.

Light Plum – A soft, elegant hue that combines the delicacy of pastel shades with a hint of sophistication. Light Plum is ideal for adding a touch of refined beauty to bouquets and centerpieces.

Cappuccino – Inspired by the rich, warm tones of a classic cappuccino, this color brings a cozy and inviting feel to any floral composition. It’s perfect for autumn-themed designs and rustic weddings.”

“Our goal is to provide our customers with unique and diverse floral options that inspire creativity and elegance in their designs,” said Lucie. “With the addition of Blue Lagoon, Light Plum, and Cappuccino hydrangeas, we are excited to see the new ways our customers will use these colors to transform their spaces and events.”

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