”Select Delivery’s flexibility saves us costs”

With Select Delivery, you, as a buyer, get more and more options to determine the delivery time. You can now even decide per day and per copper plate whether to activate a time period. Alex van Duyn of Lion Fleurex recently started using this too: “For one of our copper plates, we use Select Delivery and that for two days a week. This flexibility is convenient and saves us costs.”

Lion Fleurex has been using Select Delivery for Clock pre-sales since the pilot, Alex says. “When it switched to a paid service, we turned it off at one point because we don’t need all our trades early on all days.”

So the option to turn on Select Delivery on a per-copper basis offered a solution, he says. “We noticed that for one specific end customer, we did like to have the trade with certainty early. This is a website company, and they just need the trade early. Now that it is possible to turn on Select Delivery per copper plate, we will take the service again for two days a week for this copper plate. That makes a huge difference to our costs.”

At the helm yourself
According to Alex, the biggest advantage is that you can choose who and on which days you get the trade-in early. “Monday is always a tricky day because you have little stock on hand after the weekend. So it has a positive impact on our processes that we can turn on Select Delivery for that day.”

Alex also has wishes for the future: “I actually still want to get the trade delivered as early as possible, but that is not realistic. What would help me enormously, though, is if Select Delivery Priority* becomes available in Aalsmeer. Then we would transport the purchases there directly to Naaldwijk and have everything in quickly.”

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