“Solfaro Pelargonium line is growing continuously”

The Solfaro breeding line, under which Brandkamp’s breeding of Pelargonium zonale and Pelargonium peltatum are combined, is experiencing significant growth for the new 2023/2024 season.

Solfaro Salema

There are three new varieties in the P. zonale segment. The first is Solfaro Salema, a bright, fiery red variety with medium-sized flower balls. “It is ideally suited for standard production. Good red varieties are still indispensable here”, the German breeder and young plant grower says.

Solfaro Marvila

Solfaro Marvila, dark pink, is an absolute trend color, they continue. “It comes with many flowers at the same time and thus offers a good performance as an eye-catcher quite early on in the sale. Due to its even, uniform growth, it is easy to cultivate.”

Solfaro Beja

Solfaro Beja is one of the strong-growing varieties. “With strong, raspberry-coloured, large flower balls, it is ideal for beds and larger pots.”

Solfaro Lobos

In Pelargonium peltatum, Solfaro Lobos, amethyst-coloured, and Solfaro Portela, pink-coloured, are new on the market also. “Both varieties flower early and very richly. Its growth is very pleasing, good branching makes it easy to cultivate. With their growth behavior, both varieties are ideally suited for mixed plantings.”

Solfaro Portela

Solfaro Colores grows a little stronger. “The foliage has a beautiful zone, the large flower balls are bright neon pink, so here again, an absolute trend color. It is very well suited for mixed plantings with slightly stronger growing partners such as petunias.”

Solfaro Colores

According to Brandkamp, the pelargoniums are heat tolerant and have a relatively low water requirement. “They are easy to maintain for the end customer and will certainly attract increasing attention in the coming years with continuously changing weather conditions. Their place as the number one bedding plant is, therefore, safe.”

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