Sunfresh Farms named Guatemala’s National Exporter of the Year 2023

Paul Peterson

In a post on Twitter, Peterson mentions that he is very proud of the Sunfresh Farms Team in Guatemala. “Winners of the “National Exporter of the Year”. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the 900-plus employees who carry the Love and Commitment to be the best. We share this award with our amazing customers, who make everything we do possible and are a huge part of our success! Thank You!!”

For more than three decades, the National Export Award has illuminated the Guatemalan export scene, recognizing companies that have not only exported high-quality products and services but have also forged the path toward innovation and economic growth.

Agexport in Guatemala has chosen “Sunfresh Farms” as the national exporter of the year. This prestigious award, the first and only of its kind in Guatemala, has become an annual celebration of excellence and forward-thinking. The ceremony took place on November 9.

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Beginnings of the National Export Award
The foundations of the National Export Award were established in 1989 during the 2nd. Non-Traditional Products Export Congress. Since then, the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (AGEXPORT) has highlighted the exporting, entrepreneurial, and visionary work of companies and institutions, recognizing their contribution to the social and economic development of Guatemala through exports.

More than a Prize This award represents much more than a prize for the award-winning companies. It is an incentive that drives continuous improvement and gives pride to employees who are part of successful companies, contributing to the economic development of the country. Innovation, work, quality, and, above all, the passion for doing things well are rewarded. Award-winning companies are those that strive daily to deserve maximum recognition.