Women's Day, Hortex, American Tulip Day, HortiFlora Expo, and much more

March is the month in which Women’s Day is celebrated, on March 8. It is gaining popularity all over the world as increasingly more countries celebrate this day. The results, therefore, differ per region, but when looking at the Dutch flowers that went to Russia, it hasn’t been a good holiday for the… منبع

Performance of Chrysanthemum Cultivars under Agro-climatic condition of Chhattisgarh plains

Chrysanthemum, the second-largest flower after rose in the global ornamental plants market, ranks third in terms of cut flowers and fifth in global floriculture trading. The floricultural study of chrysanthemum has garnered widespread attention recently. As the state of Chhattisgarh emerges as a floral hub, researchers are propelled to determine suitable cultivars of chrysanthemum for … ادامه

Ferns unleashed: Novel insecticidal proteins IPD113 challenge Bt resistance

Insect pests pose a significant threat to global crop production, with lepidopteran species like corn earworm and armyworms causing substantial losses. The widespread use of insecticidal proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) in crops has been a key strategy to combat these pests. However, the… منبع

The HTA welcomes the Scottish Government approach to critical horticulture issues

Following a recent series of engagements with the Scottish Government, the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) welcomes the clear recognition of the sector’s value and importance in recent communications. Multiple meetings with Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Mairi Gougeon MSP and officials throughout the year have paved the way for collaborative efforts to address key concerns … ادامه

Burro adds Bassis as dealer to serve Colombia

Philadelphia-based Burro, an autonomous mobility company providing solutions for the agriculture industry, announced today that it has added Colombia-based Bassis to its expanding list of dealers worldwide. Bassis is an engineering company dedicated to the industrial transformation of its clients in the agroindustrial sector – by way of advanced technologies and robotics, process improvements and … ادامه

50 fewer Dutch greenhouse vegetable growers by 2023

The number of greenhouse vegetable companies in the Netherlands has decreased by 50 to 1,110 this year, according to preliminary CBS figures. The decrease of 50 would be less than the 79 companies that disappeared in 2022. The CBS also counts another 102 fruit greenhouse companies falling out (excluding strawberry). That’s 9 fewer than in … ادامه

Efra Committee recommends further regulation to improve UK soil health

Marking World Soils Day 2023, the Efra (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Committee has published its report into soil health, culminating its soil health inquiry held at the start of the year. The report suggests the need for statutory targets on soil health, which would give soil health the same legal importance as water and … ادامه