Hark/Sion and Microflor merge to become: Labeau

Microflor and Hark/Sion are joining forces and will, from now on, continue under the name Labeau. This strategic merger marks a new phase for both companies as they jointly strive to strengthen their position as leading players in the global breeding, propagation & young plant industry. Synergy and shared vision for the futureThe merger of … ادامه

Hopman Flower Farms celebrates fifth anniversary

Hopman Flower Farms celebrates five years in business today. In this article, Lawrence Hopman, the firm’s founder describes the feeling of building a start-up from nothing. Lawrence Hopman “It was terrifying initially, and a difficult first year. I never wanted to go through life wondering if it could have worked, having never taken a risk”. … ادامه

What to expect at HortiContact this year?

The significance of HortiContact is evident from the fact that it is chosen as the platform to launch innovations. This aligns with the trade fair’s slogan: HortiContact; Where the future begins. Please find below the complete trade fair program and a few examples of the innovations. One such innovation is the new folding- insect screen … ادامه

New International Commercial Manager at Royal Brinkman

From March 1, 2024, Gijs Baake will be the new International Commercial Manager at Royal Brinkman. After 6 years working in various positions, he is now responsible for managing Royal Brinkman’s foreign branches outside Europe. In cooperation with the sales team, Gijs will further implement market requirements. The new position intends to match his personal … ادامه

International Rootstocks Symposium to be held at Macfrut 2024

The Plant Nursery Area, which is a plant nursery and varietal innovation exhibition, will return to Macfrut 2024 (8-10 May, Rimini Expo Centre). As part of the Plant Nursery Area, the International Rootstocks Symposium will take place on May 8th and 9th. During this event on genetic innovations in the rootstock sector, the results of … ادامه

Floral installations in commercial space

Step onto any Highstreet or enter any modern office building and you will notice these commercial spaces have undergone a verdant transformation, with green and floral installations becoming increasingly prevalent.” From bustling office lobbies to chic retail stores and upscale restaurants, botanical displays are not just decorative but also enhance customer experiences and overall well-being”, … ادامه

Havatec Florastar automatically sorts and bunches lilies

Over the past year, the Dutch company Havatec has further developed the Florastar for the lily cultivation sector. They equipped it with a color camera and X-ray system. By integrating these two camera systems and analyzing the images they generate, lilies can now be sorted by bud number, stem length, and the first bud’s maturity … ادامه

“Our aim is to provide the highest ethylene tolerant flowers on the market”

In an ever-changing market with rising consumer expectations and continuously changing retail requirements, having the best plant genetics matters more than ever to any seller of ornamental potted plants. At Queen® Genetics, a commitment to breeding and testing new and unique varieties with enhanced durability and visual appeal is fundamental to the business. “This comprehensive … ادامه

Training for female farmers completed in the Zhytomyr region, Ukraine

The second stage of the pilot project on training women in progressive horticultural practices has concluded at the Polissia National University, marking a significant step in the revitalization of Ukraine’s agricultural sector. The initiative was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Agro-Industrial Development and Economic Policy of the Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, with sponsorship … ادامه

Soft robot fingers carefully squeeze without sensors

With a brief squeeze, you know whether an avocado, peach, or tomato is ripe. This is what a soft robot hand also does, for example, during automated harvesting. However, up until now, such a gripper needed sensors in its ‘fingers’ to determine whether the fruit was ripe enough. Shibo Zou and Bas Overvelde from the … ادامه