The Bloom Show at Proflora 2023

The Bloom Show was hosted by Sahid Nahim during the Proflora 2023, held in Bogota, Colombia.

In this special episode, viewers will delve into topics in the flower industry with some industry leaders.

First Blooming: Meet Susana Vargas of Queen’s Flowers and Kees Gram of Royal Van Zanten as they unravel the story behind the unique Astronova flower. The audience will discover the beginnings of their partnership, the impact of Astronova on the flower market, success stories, customer feedback, and more. Plus, witness their Proflora 2023 exhibit experience.

Next Bloom: Sahid’s interview with Daniel Sanchez of South Florals Group, a company that owns, manages, and operates different South Florida flower shops. Learn about Daniel’s contributions to the floral industry and why being at the Proflora 2023 exhibit is a game-changer. Find out what cool product or company caught his eye at the event, and listen as he shares his mini-tour of Colombia as well.

The final Bloom interview is with Luisa Falla of Florverde, an independent social and environmental standard for the flower sector. Viewers will discover how Florverde balances social responsibility and sustainability in the floral industry. Dive into key sustainable practices they follow: preserving water, utilizing solar energy, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and more. Also, explore how they encourage other farms to do the same.