“The most exclusive flowers come from the West Cape in South Africa”

From South Africa, the two nurseries of FreshCap Group provide their customers worldwide with a wide range of exclusive (seasonal) flowers every day. The company, founded by Noud Visschers and Freddie Kirsten, has been doing this since 2008.; During this time, it has grown significantly with regards to activities, range, acreage, and people. We spoke with Noud Visschers and Kristel Emmerik at the office at the auction in Honselersdijk.

FreshCap is a grower – exporter of South African cut flowers. What is unique about the company is, first and foremost, that it carries a very wide range, which is mainly grown by the company. The area around Cape Town is the natural home of Proteas, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Brunia, Berzelia, Erica’s, and more types of Cape Greens. “There is, therefore, no better place in the world to grow these flowers.”

The nursery is located on the slopes of Paarl Mountain, about 60 km north of Cape Town, but some products, including the so-called ‘Cape Greens,’ are also harvested in the surrounding meadows. “Peaks in specific products throughout the year, and the demand from different parts of the world, make everything very dynamic, and we as a company respond well to this.”

It is FreshCap’s strategy to supply a wide range of flowers from South Africa to international customers, both wholesale and retail. “We are therefore proud that the number of customers is growing annually and the demand for our flowers is good. This is partly due to the trend that more and more customers want to buy directly from the source. With a very experienced sales team at the nursery and good facilities at Cape Town airport, we are well able to meet this demand.”

From the sales office in the Netherlands, they work with a daily fresh stock to be able to respond to the day trade as quickly as possible. Kristel, who has a background as a buyer, joined just over two years ago and is jointly responsible for sales.

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