“There are already many good cut chrysanthemum varieties available, but this is still not good enough”

Even though there are already many good cut chrysanthemum varieties available, this is still not good enough for the breeder Brandkamp. The existing range is continually being improved, and the German chrysanthemum breeder also regularly presents innovative new varieties in order to always meet customer requirements. In this article, some new varieties are highlighted.

Tigris spray and disbud

“Tigris, with its good construction and intense color, was undoubtedly an unmissable addition to the Brandkamp range. The decision to include this variety in the program was easy, given its good characteristics. The variety can be cultivated as a spray or as disbudded. This variety also fulfills one of Brandkamp’s breeding goals. It’s to bring many variants onto the market, which can be used as sprays and as disbud, in order to be able to offer customers variety”, Brandkamp says.

Jakarta spray and disbud

The introduction of the Jakarta variety brings a welcome change, Brandkamp continues. “Its darker, almost bronze-colored flowers fit in very well with other varieties such as Xian or Ceylon. Jakarta, Xian, and Ceylon can also be cultivated as a spray or disbudded, thus opening up a wide range of design options for the customer.”


“The decision to add the Mascat variety to the range was easy. With bright white, a robust plant, and a quick response time of 6.5 weeks, Mascat ticks all the boxes for a high-quality strain.”


The introduction of the Sikkim variety strengthens the anemone flowering sector. “Their strong purple blends harmoniously with the already established Dalian White and Yellow. The variety of colors opens up new creative possibilities for florist designers.”

As with all of Brandkamp’s new varieties, these new varieties were tested carefully and repeatedly to ensure that customers always receive the highest quality.

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