Three Dutch growers show off their Christmas efforts

Kuivenhoven Poeldijk – Poinsettia
At Kuivenhoven Poeldijk, the Poinsettia range shines in a rich variety during the Christmas period. Both in the standard shades of red and white, but also in unique colours, including bold yellow, and special shapes, such as Christmas Mouse. Kuivenhoven Poeldijk is in for a surprise, for example, they also have the exclusive possibility to order sparkling poinsettias with glitter. The goal of Kuivenhoven Poeldijk is to produce special products, and they succeeded again this year with their Poinsettia range.

Amigo Plant – Echeveria
Echeveria Miranda has been specially developed for Amigo Plant. Thanks to its star shape and hardness, this plant is perfect for adding a splash of colour, transforming it into a Christmas item. Since 2019, their Eco-line has been added. The paint used for this line is metal-free and the glitters are PET-free, making it pretty and sustainable! Amigo Plant is busy with Christmas all year round. The cuttings for the largest pot sizes come in at the beginning of the year and throughout the year smaller pot sizes are added.

JK Plant has a passion for greenery and specializes in growing exclusive indoor and outdoor plants, such as the Nordic Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla). These Nordic Pines are grown with care in JK Plant’s Dutch greenhouses, but they originally come from the Norfolk islands. This house pine, that is actually not a pine but a conifer, brings ambiance to every home with its powerful appearance. And although this plant may look prickly, it actually is incredibly soft to the touch! The Nordic Pine grows slowly but steadily and if you take good care of it, you will enjoy it for many years.