Uniform measurement protocol with focus on data-driven cultivation

The people behind the thick book full of theory on Het Nieuwe Telen (The New Cultivation) and Plant Empowerment have written a new book: Plant Empowerment, Digital Cultivation. In it, they present a unified monitoring tool. “We noticed that there was a need for more detailed information on how to measure,” Jan Voogt explains the reason for the book on behalf of the Plant Empowerment team. At a meeting on the impact of efficient cultivation, he handed the first copy to Jeroen Sanders of Vertify.

The book focuses on data-driven growing. It is a way of growing that is increasingly accessible to growers thanks to technological advances. Crucial to data-driven growing, however, is that the data are correct. So, the measurements have to be right. “How nice it would be if everyone soon did it the same way,” Jan expressed his hope in advance.

Not that the book is “the final wisdom,” by the way, he hastened to say. The makers’ hope is to continue working on the book “in unison” with the sector, for example, refining the theory for each crop.

Jan Voogt handed the first copy to Jeroen Sanders of Vertify

The makers want to make the book freely available through Kas als Energiebron (Greenhouse as an Energy Source). This year, or at the latest, in the first quarter of 2024.

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