VannoVa opens doors for associates at Guus van Leeuwen’s premises

On Thursday, June 13, the chrysanthemum collective VannoVa invited associates to the home of one of its founders, Guus van Leeuwen, in Kwintsheul (the Netherlands). This year, the ‘Kennedy’, a white single-flowered chrysanthemum, was in the spotlight and attracted many visitors. This popular variety and the camaraderie of all the VannoVa growers contributed to the success of the event.

Guus van Leeuwen stated: “We organize this event every year. It is a great way to catch up with associates without time pressure.”

During the event, VannoVa presented all their varieties, and offered visitors a nursery tour. “At VannoVa and the nursery, developments are progressing rapidly. It is important to keep stakeholders informed. We are going to tighten up our quality policy.”

Laurens van der Lans, and Guus van Leeuwen

Visitors could walk through the nursery and take a look behind the scenes of the cultivation process. Additionally, J. & A. Flowers presented the novelty ‘Undercover’, available in a limited edition from week 26. This disbudded chrysanthemum from breeder Dekker Chrysanten is easy to paint and has a beautiful, full flower.

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