Yunnan endeavors to cultivate new flower species through space breeding

In recent years, the local government of Yunnan and scientific research institutions, as well as enterprises, have been making great efforts, space breeding included, in cultivating new flower species to enrich the flower supply. By the end of 2022, over 950 new flower species have been independently fostered within Yunnan, and over 1,000 introduced new flower species have been recorded.

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According to Tian Liantong, a technologist of Jinke Flower Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd., it usually takes five years to breed new flower species that consumers can buy on the market, and some species even need ten years to go through the process from breeding to becoming a commodity, as they have to pass various and harsh growth conditions including temperature, humidity and nutrition supply.

Space breeding refers to exposing seeds or strains to cosmic radiation and microgravity in space to mutate their genes so as to create new species or varieties with greater performances, such as shorter growth periods, higher yield, and better resistance to diseases.