First bio-safe block opened at Plantion Flower Auction

At the Plantion Flower Auction in Ede, the first organic auction block was inaugurated. The official opening was performed by director André van Kruijssen. “This means that from now on, all organically certified products will be auctioned in this block. It is the first organic block in the auction schedule. Naturally, we are very proud of this, as it is a significant step towards giving organic flowers the extra attention they deserve,” says Geert op ‘t Hof, chairman of Organic Horticulture Netherlands.

From left to right: Corno Klop, Willem, Angelique, and Geert op ‘t Hof.

The association notes an increasing demand for organic flowers. “Also, the number of growers switching to organic cultivation is rising, making more organic flowers available. Florists are allowed to sell organic flowers on a small scale. Skal has made an exception for this; they do not need to certify but only to register. This presents opportunities for florists. Together, we aim for a more beautiful and healthier Netherlands.”

Plantion aims to support growers who are either already practicing organic cultivation or are in the process of transitioning by setting up a separate auction group for these products. These products are auctioned at 06:00 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on clock 2, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays on clock 1.

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Organic Horticulture Netherlands
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