Mastering the move from HPS to LED lighting

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This new guide by Hort Americas includes providing accurate modeling of light levels and uniformity for optimal plant growth, as well as evaluating financial benefits based on lighting power, energy costs, and plant growth metrics.

Once a cost-prohibitive alternative, LED lighting is now the preferred lighting source among commercial growers.

The technology offers numerous benefits that continue to fuel its rapid adoption over traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Since 2009, the Hort Americas team has been developing light plans and retrofitting commercial horticulture production facilities with LED lighting.

This includes details about finding and securing rebates, evaluating your retrofit needs, determining your ROI, and much more.

These days, the decision to retrofit your greenhouse with LED lighting goes beyond the obvious benefit of reduced electrical costs. It represents a shift in environmental control and lighting adaptability.

Today, they released a guide that walks you through what you need to know to make smarter decisions about retrofitting your commercial greenhouse.