Roobos Flower Export launches circular pilot in collaboration with Groot Packaging and LS Santini

Roobos Flower Export, a player in the flower wholesale market, launches a circular pilot. Developed in collaboration with Groot Packaging and LS Santini, this pilot aims to reduce the ecological footprint of the flower industry and contribute to a greener future.

A greener future
Throughout April, selected Belgian customers of Roobos will participate in a program where floral waste, such as clipped stems and damaged flowers, will be collected by Roobos Flower Export. These residues will be upcycled by Groot Packaging into FlowerPaper. “This innovative and circular product, both sturdy and water-resistant, offers a premium, natural look with visible floral residues, ideal for packaging flowers,” the Roobos team states.

FlowerPaper Bouquet

Sustainable beauty from LS Santini
During this pilot period, LS Santini will exclusively offer Roobos customers a “sustainable” Santini bouquet. The Roobos team elaborates: “LS Santini has been known for more than 30 years for growing the highest quality Santinis, but what truly sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability. LS Santini has developed a revolutionary cultivation method that focuses on soil life. This new method promotes a healthy soil structure and contributes to beautiful flowers with minimal environmental impact. The sustainable bouquet from LS Santini will be packaged in a FlowerPaper sleeve, further emphasizing the product’s sustainability.”

LS Santini

From producer to consumer and back
They add: “This pilot is not only a step towards a waste-free flower industry but also serves as a model for circular economy within the sector. By embracing the full cycle of production, consumption, and recycling, Roobos Flower Export demonstrates that sustainable practices and business success can go hand in hand. The circular action highlights the importance of collaboration to create a more sustainable future.”

The logo of the pilot

“This innovative collaboration underscores the shared commitment of Groot Packaging, LS Santini, and their customers to sustainability and circular economy. Roobos Flower Export started this pilot with a group of leading customers in Belgium who hold sustainability in high regard. Feedback and experiences from participating customers will be crucial in evaluating the pilot and determining how it can be continued and expanded in the future,” the team concludes.

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