Susquehanna Orchid Society helps Central Pennsylvania residents discover the joy of orchids

John Stoner of York, Pennsylvania has been growing orchids for 40 years and has been sharing his love of the plants with Central Pennsylvania residents through the Susquehanna Orchid Society for over a decade.

“It’s a challenge trying to grow them,” Stoner said. “It’s almost like a chemistry experiment.”

Stoner has a greenhouse attached to his home that is his orchid oasis. Once your step over the welcome mat that says, “Grandpa’s Playhouse”, which Stoner says was not his idea, and pass the push-pin board displaying at least 50 blue first-place ribbons from various orchid societies and shows you are transported into a jungle or orchids.

There are over 500 orchids in Stoner’s greenhouse, which includes about 75 species and several hundred hybrids of orchids. They are hanging from the ceiling of the greenhouse, surrounding the edges of the greenhouse and covering tables. There is a wall at the entrance of the greenhouse that is made up of a bunch of micro-orchids.


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