Rose season kicks off at Victoria Esplanade

The enchanting rose season is in full swing once more as rose enthusiasts begin to show off their blooms at displays and competitions across the country. We’re gearing up to commemorate 53 years of the International Rose Trials in late November, right here in the Victoria Esplanade Gardens.

Over the past two years, 50 roses submitted by growers and hybridizers worldwide have been grown and cared for by Palmerston North City Council staff at the trials.

John Ford, Chairman of the Trial Ground Committee, says these roses represent the latest trends in the rose industry.

“Rose breeders worldwide are breeding roses with more flowers and improved disease tolerance; plus, more and more varieties have fragrant blooms than ever before.”

The roses are evaluated by a panel of 20 judges on characteristics including color, fragrance, health, flower form, and novelty over a two-year period.

A distinguished panel of 20 judges assesses these roses over a two-year period, considering attributes such as color, fragrance, health, flower form, and novelty. Roses scoring 70 points or more receive Certificates of Merit and are available for commercial purposes. Special awards are bestowed upon roses that stand out for their fragrance or novelty. If a New Zealand-bred amateur rose earns an award, it’s honored with the prestigious Silver Star of the City of Palmerston North.

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